Tuesday, August 26, 2008


That's the way I felt this past weekend as I so enjoyed the Father and His children in San Antonio, Texas. Get a load of this! I participated with 400 women in Women Reaching Women Fully Loaded with so many of my LifeWay friends. I loved being with Janet and Jane, Pat, Shirley, Chris, Deb, Darlene, Becky and others as Max Lucado's church opened its doors and welcomed us in. Travis Cottrell led the praise and worship for us! I had the privilege of sharing a message on "How's Your Heart" on Thursday evening and then teaching Heart Friends twice on Friday. That in itself would have been enough to walk away fully blessed.
But there is more!
Friday evening and Saturday morning we were able to attend a Living Proof Life Event there in San Antonio. My life was forever changed as Beth taught on "Our Inheritance"! Crystal clear message that rings out loud from Genesis to Revelation. The best message I have heard ever! I am planning to transcribe my notes on the computer on Thursday so that I can feast on the Word she shared forever!
But there is more!
Arriving at the arena early on Sat. afforded me the opportunity to meet many women who were sitting near me or who happened by God's design to walk in front of me. Everybody has a story and I was able to hear so many and actually pray with them on the spot. When Beth offerred the invitation that morning, I thought "Lord, I surely would like to pray with someone to receive you this morning." I wasn't even scheduled to pray, but all at once someone grabbed my hand and said, "come on, we need more people to pray." The first person who came to me for prayer was - you guessed it - a prayer to receive Jesus!
But there is more!
Sat. afternoon, my cousin Cindy who lives in San Antonio, picked me up and we were able to attend together the 5:00 service in Max Lucado's church. Once again, Travis Cotrell led the praise and worship before Max delivered his message on "How we try to put Jesus in a box!" I pinched myself to see if I was actually listening to the man I had read for years!
But there is more!
On the flight home, I sat by 3 ladies from Rome Georgia who had been to the Event also! Becoming instant friends, we fellowshipped all the way to Atlanta.
Whew! Now do you see why I call this blog "Highly favored"?!?
You, too, are highly favored my friend. Life in Christ is sooo not meant to be boring nor are we meant to be a bore! So, you go forth - highly favored one!


Bridgette said...

Oh my goodness! This weekend was such a blessing! I have been trying to soak it all in. What I like to do is come back home, take my notebook, get a new notebook, and rewrite all my notes. For three reasons...
1. Reflect and meditate on it.
2. Helps me retain it.
3. So that my notes are neat!

I,too,will be posting my notes later this week after I have done all that! I wish that I had gotten a picture of you to post on my blog! I'm thinking of going to Nashville for the HIStory conference, looks like you'll be there as well. Maybe then!
also, Do you speak a churches or just Lifeway events. I have an idea for an event at my church and thought maybe you could speak at it.
I hope you have a great, NON BORING day!
one heiress to another!

Fran said...

Hi Margaret...
I looked you up after learning about your ministry while I was also in San Antonio at Beth Moore's event....which was SPECTACULAR was it not???? So much to digest and unpack. A favorite teaching of mine indeed!

I'm reading your blog as well as your ministry website and there are so many things I'd love to ask you and get your thoughts on. You are such a busy woman with a full plate so I'm hoping that I can get alot of my answers off your website.

Praying for you and your sweet husband tonight. May your heart be full of Christ and at peace with the day.

Hugs and blessings,

Emmy said...

We felt "HIghly Favored" getting to sit next to you on the plane too! It was such a joy!

God bless you my sweet new friend! You are an Heiress!

Emmy : )

Jill said...

What a blessing it was to sit under your teaching at the Fully Loaded Conference. You were truly a blessing from God for me.

Lora said...

Dear Margaret,
What a blessing to meet you in San Antonio and have a few minutes to visit. I was so blessed that you prayed with me on the spot and spoke words of blessing and hope over my fifteen year old daughter's book! I praise Him for you Margaret!
With much love and appreciation for your time and prayer,