Monday, January 23, 2012


EVERYWHERE I GO; THERE I AM is a saying I cross stitched some years ago that I used to describe myself back then. Recently I found myself revisiting that statement and was saddened somewhat because I think it would have described my 2011. Ever been somewhere in body, but somewhere else in mind and spirit. There but not there? Has your child ever looked at you and asked, “Mommy, are you listening to me?” Or have you spent a rare date night with your hubby, only to realize at the end of the evening that you were there, but not really there. I have missed some major moments with God, some precious experiences with loved ones, and opportunities to minster to strangers because I was there, but not there. Oh, we women pride ourselves at being great multi-taskers. I wonder if God does? Maybe you, like me, spent a good deal of my time rushing through one activity to get to another one. Hurrying to get children undressed, through the bath, and into the bed so that I could find time to fold clothes, wash dishes, etc. In the first chapter of Resolution for Women, Priscila Shirer labels this feeling “Discontentment”. If not rushing through the moment, I often found myself worrying through the moment. The Greek word for worry means “to divide the mind”. Anxiety splits our energy between today’s priorities and tomorrow’s problems. Part of our mind is on the now and part of our mind is on the not yet and the result is half-minded living.
God has reminded me that if I become habited to this way of life, I will not only miss moments, but I will miss days and even years that will never be mine again. My granddaughter drove herself to school yesterday for the first time; just yesterday it seems she was driving her Barbie jeep. Life will not stand still for us to slow down or wait for us to finish worrying. It will move on with or without our being there!
So, ladies, let us adopt this motto for 2012 and mean it: “Everywhere I go; there I will be!”

Way too long!

It has been way too long since I have blogged on this website. Trust me when I say I have been blogging. On the LifeWay women's site, on Facebook, in my personal journal, and it seems so many other places. However, I apologize for not blogging here. I have been sweetly reminded of how long it has been and how some of you have checked and rechecked and found nothing new. So, please know that I thank you for checking on Margaret Kennedy at Threads of Hope.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

A unseen thing: a partially detached retina!

As I was traveling to Atlanta today, I saw a few new spots in my eye and I pulled off the road twice, asking God if it was something that should interrupt my 2 day visit. I asked Him to show me if it was an issue and then I saw a strange clear cluster move across the eye. I pulled over again and called the doctor, who suggested I come in this aft. It was God who caused me to turn around for he discovered that I had a small retina detachment in the corner of my eye. He immediately did a laser procedure to keep the detachment from becoming a full retina detachment. He kept saying how glad he was that I turned around and that if I had gone on to Atlanta it would definitely have resulted in a full detachment of the retina which requires major surgery.
I will be "laying low" for several days and will return on Friday.
My prayer is this: that the laser procedure will protect this from happening.
However, in the meantime, I will choose to continue to give thanks (this eye thing is a part of the everything) we give thanks for! I am thankful that I can still see, thankful that I have been able to read and teach His word, thankful that He went before me and gave me directions to return home in the middle of a very desired visit with my grands, thankful for a husband who cares for and listens to me, and thankful that God knows the future and that it is in His hands.

love, margaret

Monday, October 18, 2010

Count It All Joy!

God has never given me an opportunity to teach, speak, or write that He does not go before me. Sometimes with the prayers of the people, which I so feel and appreciate. But very often, He allows me to experience first hand, upclose and personal, the teaching that is on my heart to bring. He never ceases to amaze me with these happenings.

Recently I had the chance to share "God's Waiting Room" with a group of women at Lakepointe Church in Rockwell, Texas near Dallas. It was my joy to serve this word to these women.

This past weekend, I was able to share "Count it all Joy" - first session being "When Trials Come"!

Last week, on my birthday to be exact, my vision became blurred and the next morning a black dot appeared in my line of vision. I was sent to a retina specialist to learn that the gel has softened between the retina and eyeball and that left me in a dangerous place.

So, what does one do? He takes a seat in one of God's divinely designed "waiting rooms". Now I know how to do this because I just taught on it a few weeks ago. Right?

So, what does one do when trials come? Do not be surprised - they will come! Then James says that we are to "count it all joy"! Now I know what it takes to count it all joy in trials because I just taught it this past weekend. Right?

This is how I can be still in this place and even count it all joy - because my Almighty, all knowing, all seeing God knew what I was going to encounter and He knew that I needed to be knee deep in the Word concerning the matters at hand. For that, I am thanking and praising Him.

Months ago, He gave me the word to teach "God's Waiting Room" and months ago, I was impressed to teach "Count it all Joy when Trials Come".

Is this condition exasperating, a huge nuisance, frightening, bothersome, irritating - need I go on? Yes, to all of those and many other.

However, Psalms 46:10 says "Be still and know that I am God." I am able to be still because I know God knew this ahead of time and is working all things out for my good and His glory. Knowing this about my Father enables me to be still while I know that the only way to "know Him" is to be still. Stillness and knowing work so well together. They are dependent upon one another.

But it is sill a choice I have to make personally when I encounter trials! To be still so that I can know and remembering that knowing enables stillness.

Perhaps you need to make the same choice. Let me hear from you and we will pray for one another in this matter!

While we wait and while we choose to count it all joy!

love, margaret

Sunday, September 19, 2010


Dear Friends,

I am so thankful to pass on to you this excellent report from Houston: all is clear and we have been given a huge reason to celebrate. We have now passed the 2 year mark from completion of the last treatment which means that, with our type of cancer, we now have an 80% chance that the cancer will NOT reoccur. Wednesday, we were told that we needed to celebrate and Ross was called a Poster Boy. Thursday, our primary doctor called him "quite amazing." We will return for one more 6 month checkup with scans and then will probably be transferred to the "wellness program."
Now we all know Ross is not the amazing one in this case - He would be the Lord Jesus Christ! But we are so humbled and grateful for His favor upon us!
Thank you for your prayers. You are a huge part of this report!

love, ross and margaret

Monday, August 30, 2010

Living Up to my Motto!

"My motto to live by" hanging on my study wall reads: "Life should not be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in an attractive and well preserved body, but rather to skid in sideways, body thoroughly used up, totally worn out, and screaming, 'WOO HOO what a ride."!
If I went on to glory this week, I would have to say I have lived up to my motto, at least, this summer. We have had guests in our home or been the guests in someone else's home at least a part of every week this summer. Some planned. Some unexpected. But all were such a blessing. A blessing because we had a home to offer and a blessing that friends and family wanted to come. Worn out? Thoroughly! Worth it? Absolutely.
In the middle of it all, though, God has been so faithful to speak clearly to me through friends and family and through His Word. This is the phrase I am meditating upon and praying daily. "God take away anything that is of me so that everything that is of you may be resurrected in me. I want desperately to be Margaret Kennedy: full of Jesus"!
What's up with you? I'd love to know.
love, margaret

Monday, May 3, 2010


I left Dothan Alabama Thursday a.m., flew to Atlanta, Ga., on to Salt Lake City, Utah, and finally arrived in Twin Falls, Idaho before driving to my final destination in Burley, Idaho! A long way to go! A day of traveling and then a repeat day lay ahead for me on Sunday, with an added 5 hour layover in Salt Lake City.
Yes, It was a long way to go but I would repeat it again this coming weekend if it meant my heart would be changed as it was this weekend. You see, I live in the Bible belt where we lavished with fine huge buildings, and large numbers of people each week, and resources at our fingertips, with a church on every corner. We definitely are blessed!
But these women do not seem to need all of the "stuff" we have to be "on mission with God." They just take the meager things of life and watch God do incredible work with their "little". I was reduced to tears so many times during this weekend - so humbled to see how happy these women were to be on mission with God, anxiously learning how to reach the lost around them. They are doing it right in Idaho and they are doing it well and I believe that when they worship, it brings a very sweet aroma up to the Father.
I had prayed for a year to be a part of a mission trip, but my schedule has not allowed it. God was saving this weekend for that purpose. It was my "mission trip." I will be forever partnering with my friends in Idaho and am praying God will allow me to return if He doesn't come for us before then.
Are you basking in your "muchness" my friend or are you "living large with your little"?
love, margaret