Wednesday, November 17, 2010

A unseen thing: a partially detached retina!

As I was traveling to Atlanta today, I saw a few new spots in my eye and I pulled off the road twice, asking God if it was something that should interrupt my 2 day visit. I asked Him to show me if it was an issue and then I saw a strange clear cluster move across the eye. I pulled over again and called the doctor, who suggested I come in this aft. It was God who caused me to turn around for he discovered that I had a small retina detachment in the corner of my eye. He immediately did a laser procedure to keep the detachment from becoming a full retina detachment. He kept saying how glad he was that I turned around and that if I had gone on to Atlanta it would definitely have resulted in a full detachment of the retina which requires major surgery.
I will be "laying low" for several days and will return on Friday.
My prayer is this: that the laser procedure will protect this from happening.
However, in the meantime, I will choose to continue to give thanks (this eye thing is a part of the everything) we give thanks for! I am thankful that I can still see, thankful that I have been able to read and teach His word, thankful that He went before me and gave me directions to return home in the middle of a very desired visit with my grands, thankful for a husband who cares for and listens to me, and thankful that God knows the future and that it is in His hands.

love, margaret

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