Monday, October 18, 2010

Count It All Joy!

God has never given me an opportunity to teach, speak, or write that He does not go before me. Sometimes with the prayers of the people, which I so feel and appreciate. But very often, He allows me to experience first hand, upclose and personal, the teaching that is on my heart to bring. He never ceases to amaze me with these happenings.

Recently I had the chance to share "God's Waiting Room" with a group of women at Lakepointe Church in Rockwell, Texas near Dallas. It was my joy to serve this word to these women.

This past weekend, I was able to share "Count it all Joy" - first session being "When Trials Come"!

Last week, on my birthday to be exact, my vision became blurred and the next morning a black dot appeared in my line of vision. I was sent to a retina specialist to learn that the gel has softened between the retina and eyeball and that left me in a dangerous place.

So, what does one do? He takes a seat in one of God's divinely designed "waiting rooms". Now I know how to do this because I just taught on it a few weeks ago. Right?

So, what does one do when trials come? Do not be surprised - they will come! Then James says that we are to "count it all joy"! Now I know what it takes to count it all joy in trials because I just taught it this past weekend. Right?

This is how I can be still in this place and even count it all joy - because my Almighty, all knowing, all seeing God knew what I was going to encounter and He knew that I needed to be knee deep in the Word concerning the matters at hand. For that, I am thanking and praising Him.

Months ago, He gave me the word to teach "God's Waiting Room" and months ago, I was impressed to teach "Count it all Joy when Trials Come".

Is this condition exasperating, a huge nuisance, frightening, bothersome, irritating - need I go on? Yes, to all of those and many other.

However, Psalms 46:10 says "Be still and know that I am God." I am able to be still because I know God knew this ahead of time and is working all things out for my good and His glory. Knowing this about my Father enables me to be still while I know that the only way to "know Him" is to be still. Stillness and knowing work so well together. They are dependent upon one another.

But it is sill a choice I have to make personally when I encounter trials! To be still so that I can know and remembering that knowing enables stillness.

Perhaps you need to make the same choice. Let me hear from you and we will pray for one another in this matter!

While we wait and while we choose to count it all joy!

love, margaret

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