Monday, September 29, 2008

At home in Wynne, Arkansas

Traveling from Dothan to Montgomery to Atlanta to Memphis to arrive in Wynne Arkansas was so worth the ride! A huge thank you goes out to Glenda and Randall Caldwell who treated me like royalty and making me feel so right at home. How I enjoyed sharing the Word with the ladies of Wynne Baptist Church. The fellowship afterwards was so meaningful to me as I was able to "get among the women" and hear their stories, share mine, and pray with some. Thank you for opening up your hearts, home, and His home with me. I feel that I have some new forever friends. Amazing to me how God is able to knit our hearts together in His body of believers. What a gift!
love, margaret

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Tammie said...

Thinking of you today! Praying you are doing well.