Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Meeting My Savannah Sisters!

Several weeks ago, I traveled to Savannah - not Georgia, but Tennessee - and received such a sweet portion from the Lord as I came to know and truly love some new Savannah sisters. I had felt such an expectancy from the Lord in my Spirit even before I made this trip. Beforehand, God had planted in my heart such a seed of expectancy that I could hardly wait to see the fruit come to fruition. And he was so faithful to do that thing. A friend and I made the 6 hour trip through gorgeous country, winding roads, and we laughed all the way. Then, God blessed us with the time to walk slowly among the women, getting to know them, pray for them, and experience His love and graciousness from their hands. That is the way God knits His body together. I left Tennessee with new Savannah sisters in our heart. Your faces are before me as I write as they have been so many times since I met you. Thank you for your acceptance, your provisions provided, and especially for sharing God's love with me. We were so blessed by God.
I have learned to pray and stand upon the fact that when "God's word goes forth it will accomplish that for which He sent it." The Word went out and God worked it in our hearts and into the soil of our everyday lives. Who could ask for anything more?
You are loved,

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Pat said...

Hi Precious Margaret,
I came across your blog tonight and it gave me the warm fuzzies just to read your words. My prayers and blessings to you friend.
And..hey...what's this a bout a Savannah other than My Savannah, Georgia!
Who knew!!!???
Much love,