Friday, August 15, 2008


Ross and I returned home from Houston this afternoon after a week of testing, evaluations, examinations, and visiting with our Houston friends.
God has so heard and responded to your prayers for Ross. His preliminary report is good. The chest, head and neck are clear! We are so humbly grateful and appreciative to the Father for His continued healing. We were even given an additional month before returning for next appointment. The doctors continue to marvel at how well he is doing. Even said he should be written up in the books. And I thought - he is written up in The Book - the Lamb's Book of God and the Father has his eye and hand upon that name!
We are gloriously exhausted from the drive to and from Houston!!!!!!!
I will be speaking in San Antonio, Texas, next weekend for LifeWay in Max Lucado's church and then staying over for Beth Moore's Living Proof Live Event. If you are there, I would love to meet you, get a hug, and share a smile!
love, margaret


Bridgette said...

I attended the Fully Loaded event and I was one of the siestas at the Living Proof event. I really enjoyed the message that you brought to us at Fully Loaded. I started women's ministry back in Feb. and kicked it off in April. I learned so much this weekend. Thank you so much for allowing God to speak through you to us. You are a great teacher! Do you have a schedule of upcoming events? I know your husband has been sick, I will be praying for you and him.
Thank you so much,

Mom of Eleven said...

Talk about Divine Appointments! Emmy and I loved chatting with you on the plane yesterday. I loved hearing your stories, how God has used you, and your advice. Thank you Lord for a precious new friend. I will be checking in with you, praying for your ministry.
Wendy-mom of Eleven

Emmy said...


Hi my new friend! I LOVE how God works! It was such a JOY to get to sit by you on the plane on the way home yesterday! I LOVED talking to you! You are just precious! I could have sat there for hours! I loved hearing your wisdom and your heart! Thank you for sharing! It was such a gift from God to me and Wendy!

I just read your posts about your husband... I am so sorry! I am SO glad you have been getting such good reports lately! Please know I will keep you all in my prayers and on my heart!

Hope your flight to Dothan pleasant!

Have a Blessed Day! Can't wait to get your book!


Michelle Bentham said...


You are a blessing. I had no idea that you are presently walking through the fire, Mrs. Margaret. How tender my heart is for you right now. Many blessings to you --- many. Thanks again for being so sweet with me.

You are a gem in His crown.