Sunday, May 24, 2009


What an awesome first time trip to Wyoming for me. LifeWay sent me, along with 2 of my best LMM buddies, on an assignment to serve the women of Laramie, Wyoming. There we found some precious women with hungry hearts ready to receive the implanted Word into their lives. It was an absolute joy to teach Pursuing Holiness and Heart Friends.
Thank you, sweet friends, for opening up your doors and your hearts to receive the three of us. We walked away feeling so blessed and privileged to have been with you. Your faces are before me still!
What a great time we had Friday evening and Sat morning at the Living Proof Live Event. Thank you Beth for sharing the Word with us and issuing such challenges. I feel that we all committed to run our race, stay in our lane, forsake cherished sin, and pass on the truth to the generations coming along behind us. Whew!
I love Laramie!
love, margaret


Anastasia said...

Hey Margaret,

I had shared that something that you brought up in the Thursday night session had stirred my heart. I had to confess that I was fearful and insecure about a particular realtionship that feels like "life and death" to me. I cried about it when I saw it and shared it with you in a general way.

I recieved a call from this dear one of mine the following week who made it evident that she is willing to work our realationship out. God is so many say "I don't know what God is up to" but Margaret, I beleive I do know, He is going to use us to pull out the tent stakes and make His kingdom bigger than we could have ever dreamed possible, Isaiah 54.

Tying up that loose end with you in the Beloved,


PS I am enjoying that book by Nancy Leigh Demoss you recommended.

Deborah Sterling said...

I loved the way Jesus used your beautiful voice in Laramie. I was so touched by your teaching on Holiness, I'm stil praying that you will be able to sit down and put your lessons in a book. The Holy Spirit has put you and Martha on my heart every single day for prayer. Girlfriend I can't wait to learn from you again.

Anonymous said...


Laramie rocked. Someday I hope to hear you teach again, and hopefully at my home church in Vail, Colorado. God worked in my life in an amazing way in Laramie, his Holy Spirit worked through you! I could have been the only woman in the room at the conference, and it still would have been amazing. Thanks for encouraging me to seek a "Rock Place."

Thanks for your heart,

Lindsey Kirby