Monday, October 26, 2009

Well, it certainly feels great to be connecting with you once again. Sorry for the inconvenience or confusion this interruption may have caused you. Thank you for "missing me".

I have been busy teaching God's Word with women even though I was unable to share my heart with you.

I have been in Irving, Texas with women who definitely did things with a wow! How I loved teaching them wrapped around the theme of "Extreme Makeover: Heart Edition". The women received the Word with open hearts and I was so blessed to be the vessel that God chose to pour through. These women had ears and hearts to hear from God and He was faithful to speak to them. What a joy! My friend and co-author of Heart Friends, Shirley Moses, came over from Pottsboro and that was an added pleasure for me.

God gave me opportunities to teach and speak in my hometown this past week several times. At a local Bible study, a sister church at lunch, and then at "Joyful Refuge" over the weekend. I had not realized how long it had been since I have spoken in my hometown. I love making new friends that I keep in my mind and heart, but it is a blessing to share with those who have occupied individual places in my heart for years. Both are blessings straight from the Lord and I cherish friendships greatly!

And that my friend, is why I love to hear from you. Feel free to contact me at the email provided.

Love, margaret

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Wanda said...

Margaret, I heard you speak a few years ago and your wisdom and knowledge of God's Word blew me away. I'd love to hear more of your teaching, but do not live in Alabama to hear your radio program. Do you have CDs at all? Thanks--