Monday, April 20, 2009


Seriously, I have just returned from spending a few days in Paradise.
Paradise, California that is - just about an hour away from Sacramento.
Thank you, Libby, Lisa, and the other ladies, for sharing your Paradise with me.
What a joy to teach women who were so receptive to receiving the truths of God. What fun we had reflecting on "makeovers" the way the world offers us. How our hearts were challenged to dig deeper into the Word and learn about true transformation, God's way. Not as easy, not as quick, but surely incorruptible! Thanks for letting me share about my mom. I miss her so.
We opened up our hearts to Him and because "He is faithful and he will do it", we left our time together with a renewed determination to become women after God's own heart.
You were a blast to teach, pray for, love on, hang with, eat with, cry with and laugh out loud with. Do you think that could be a glimpse of what our real Paradise has pending for us?
You are loved,

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