Thursday, January 24, 2008

Stepping Forth in Faith

Thank you for every prayer you have uttered on behalf of Ross. God is moving us right along on this journey. This bend in our road.
Ross came through the neck dissection well. The surgeon removed the 2 cancerous nodes and a few others that looked worrisome. We will receive the pathology report and the proposed treatment plan in 10 days or so.
Several hours after his surgery yesterday, Ross was eating soft foods and walking around and was experiencing very minimal pain. In fact, when asked for a level of pain, he stated it was a 2! I have higher than that with a headache!
We were dismissed to the motel today and tomorrow he will have the drain removed and we will head back for Alabama.
Please pray for travel safety for us and the ability to focus for myself.
I was to be speaking this weekend in Florida, but God knew that He really had that assignment saved for a young lady I spend time mentoring. It will be a huge opportunity for her and I am so blessed to be able to be a part of that kingdom work!
I will be traveling to California next weekend for a ladies retreat so I would appreciate your praying over that!
Thank you, dear friend, for reading this and sharing your gift of time with me.
love, margaret

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Jennifer Myers said...

We were so blessed to have you come and share your wealth of knowledge and love for Jesus with us here in California. Every woman I talked to had learned so much. You have been such a kindred spirit to me. I personally had a long time prayer answered in finally learning how to properly study the scriptures! Your passion and zeal for Jesus has been such a refreshment and helped set ablaze my passion for Jesus, using my talents to Encourage again and digging in the word with confidence and eagerness to hear A Word. We are all praying for your husband and his recovery and for God to give you the wisdom to know the best treatment for him now, and a peace to you both.
Love Your Sister in Christ,