Sunday, January 20, 2008


Dear Friends,
Ross and I were in Houston for our 3 month checkup and were surprised to learn that Ross has developed 2 spots that were biopsied and determined to be Squamos cells. We are returning to Houston tomorrow and are scheduled for surgery to remove the tumors on Wednesday. We are not sure whether follow up treatment will be required and what that treatment will be. This battle with head and neck cancer has been raging for 8 years now.
I will continue to post a report after Tuesday. Thank you for continued prayer support and for believing that God is able to heal Ross.
We are encouraged knowing that this diagnosis was not a surprise to God - did not catch him off guard.
I have teaching the last 3 weeks from chapter 3 of Genesis and God has been so faithful to prepare me for the journey ahead straight from His Word. He is my defender and I am so thankful that I am on His side and He is on mine!
love, margaret

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