Thursday, June 12, 2008


Did we not just bask in the presence of God all evening long!?! What a joy to be a part of the ladies who assembled at Sagemont Baptist Church in Houston on Tuesday evening to worship! And that we did! Thanks to the awesome praise and worship team. Thank you ladies for being so receptive to the Father and His Word. How readily you received the Word and sowed it into your personal lives. What a privilege was mine to pray over several of you as the evening ended. God continues to bring your faces before my mind and I continue to ask Him to do His work while you wait on Him. It is my hope that you received practical help and encouragement when He whispers "Have a seat" in one of His divinely designed waiting rooms. May you be equipped to wait on Him!
I love you and will recount our evening together many times over.
Thank you for praying for Ross. I will keep you updated on his health after we return to Houston the first of August for evaluation.
I plan to take some time this month and the next for fishing, gardening, swimming, and being the best grandma ever!
love, margaret

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