Saturday, April 12, 2008


How I loved getting to know so many of you at the First Baptist Church of Kingsport, Tennessee! Thanks for your warm acceptance of this South Alabama girl ( I do use that term loosely at my age). You were awesome listeners! Therefore, I know that many of you had some huge God encounters throughout the weekend. My prayer is that you and I will choose to become "heart healthy"!
I came home telling others about the 3 big churches that form the church circle in the center of your town. And I loved hearing how the churches work together so well.
You will remain in my heart as God faithfully brings your faces to my mind. I have smiled many time since leaving you all over the things you shared with me, some serious and some just plain fun! I can assure you of this: I experienced the joy that comes from the fellowship shared with other believers.
Ross will take his second chemo treatment on Monday. He will wrap up tax season on Tuesday and then we will take 3 days to rest and relax at the beach. Thank you for praying for his healing!
You are loved!

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