Monday, March 17, 2008

Blessings Beyond!

What a blessing it is to me to have my heart intertwined by the Spirit of God with women beyond my natural boundaries!
Thank you to the women of Langston Baptist Church in Myrtle Beach. My heart was so tendered by your love and acceptance of me during our weekend together. Thank you for allowing me to share with you strong messages on "the heart." I smile even now as I can see you individual faces and feel the prompting of God to pray for you as you shared with me your needs. I will continue to hold you up.
To the women of Calvary Baptist church in Clearwater Florida. Can I just tell you how much I learned to love you through our time together. I loved you before I came because I loved Cheryl, your pastor's wife, first. Now, my love has blossomed for you all. Maybe that is because the Lord not only let me teach on "The Gift of Togetherness" but He allowed us to experience it! I love you - "sun" sisters!
Thank you for your prayers for my sweet husband, who continues to work everyday. I asked him last week if he felt "healed" yet and he thought a moment and replied - "I'm not sure because I have never really felt sick." What a blessing.
He will begin his chemotherapy treatments a week from today - please pray for his healing and his continued "experiencing" health.
I thank God for every remembrance of you!
love, margaret

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