Friday, February 8, 2008


Ross returned from Houston (3rd trip) recently to remove stitches, receive pathology report, and suggestive further treatment.
Out of the 7 nodes removed, 2 were malignant - one was encapsulated and one was not. What does that mean? One was contained to that spot and one was not therefore enhancing the chance for spreading elsewhere in the head and neck region. Ross receives checkups every 3 months so we feel confident that his situation is being closely monitored. However, for 8 years, we have played the game of "hide and seek" with this cancer. It hides and the doctors seek until that find it. It is removed and treated with radiation and/or chemo. We do not feel that radiation, though it is the preferred treatment, will be an option. We will hear in the next few weeks after the doctors consult with one another.
Though we humans are playing "hide and seek", our God is not playing. Because there is nothing hidden from His sight - all things are naked and opened before Him, and because as our shepherd, He goes before us, Ross and I are choosing to trust Him with whatever lies ahead.
Thank you for your prayer support.
You are soooo appreciated.
love, margaret

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