Wednesday, October 24, 2007


Ross and I returned last Sunday to Houston for our 3 months checkup and Ross received a great report - nothing new or suspicious was detected concerning his squamos cell (head and neck) cancer. We have been blessed with miracle upon miracle as we have fought this 7 year illness. Through 4 radiation treatments, 4 surgeries, and 2 chemo treatments, Ross has continued to work. Thank you God for this continual healing and thank you, too, for every prayer uttered on our behalf.
Ross flew home on Wednesday as I was flying on to Dallas, to drive to Lufkin, Texas for a weekend conference. God truly blessed the 300 women who gathered to praise Him and experience His presence. What a joyous time we had doing just that!
They tell me "things are always bigger in Texas. Maybe that's why I always manage to have such a huge time there! So huge in fact, that I am returning to the state again this weekend!
And I'm expecting another huge time!

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