Thursday, August 16, 2007

Fun-Filled Days

Thank you ladies of Holmes Creek Baptist Church for welcoming me into the midst of you. What a beautiful sight to see the fellowship room filled with the love and joy of Jesus. You did fill it! I had such a blast sharing God's Word with you and worshipping with Michele Holloway as well. We do have such a great time being together, even if we did get lost on the return trip on Friday evening!
Thank you for responding to the Lord and thank you for listening as "ones being taught". Not by me, but by the Holy Spirit through me! You shared about how your lives were changed. That's Him!
I am already missing you, Heather, and my other "new best friends."
The twins are keeping us guessing, but for now, it seems that they will probably arrive on Monday or Tuesday of next week. I surely am glad that God knows their birthday and that He had it planned from the start! I am praying that He will favor me by allowing me to be there!
I will be in Columbus this Sat. speaking and will leave for Las Vegas (honestly to teach) the next Friday.
Days in Christ are so not boring! They are rich with meaning and purpose and joy!
I am reading a great book that has lit my fire further and answered a question or two for me - "Holy Discontent" by Bill Hybels.
Looking for a Bible study with your name already written on the inside flap? I have found one - "No Other Gods" by Kelly Minter.
Guard your hearts, friend, by filling it with the good things of Jesus!
love, margaret

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