Tuesday, June 19, 2007


What a joy to be in Sacramento California this past weekend teaching my book Heart Friends, Holiness, and Digging Deeper into God's Word! Thank you ladies for being so eager to learn and soak up the truths of God. Your desire to grow and go on with God was so apparent and that is fuels my passion to teach His Word. Thank you too for allowing God to "anoint your ears to hear" and interpret even through this Southern accent. I left a piece of my heart in Sacramento!
I came home with many God stories in my heart. I will feast on them in the days and months ahead.
The twins are still intact in Christy's womb - I will travel to Atlanta next week for a couple of days. I will be able to accompany her to a doctor's appointment and view those babies for myself. I hope I can contain myself when I actually view William Ross and Margaret Grace!
Thank you for your continued prayers for these babies, their brother Jackson, Mommy and Daddy.
love, margaret

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