Monday, May 21, 2007

What an exciting time in the Lord I have enjoyed over the last two weeks!
How blessed I was to be in Cincinnati Ohio meeting with the women at Friendship Baptist Church sharing with them "Extreme Makeover: Heart Edition". Thank you ladies for the flowers, the new friendships I made, the convertible ride to the church, and especially for opening your hearts to the Lord and responding as you did. What a blessing to see the altar full of women doing business with the maker of our "new hearts". I will remember you fondly in my mind and in my prayers.
Last week held new and different adventures for me - in Nashville, doing a live webcast and an online training course on Heart Friends. Doing the things we have never done before surely stretches us, but no matter how far He stretches us, we do not come undone, and amazingly we need the repeated exercise of stretching over and over. It is the way we grow up without growing old. Sometimes I feel like a toy my boys had growing up called "Stretch Armstrong". He could be stretched across the room, but never too far. God knows our stretching needs and just how far we can go. He is always orchestrating opportunities for stretching and growing!

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