Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Can not believe it has been so long since I blogged on my website. Facebook has been my most visited venue.
Ross and I have returned to Houston since I last wrote and gotten a great gift. For 6 years, we have returned to Houston every 3 months for evaluations and tests. For 2 years now, we have had no cancer to reoccur, so on the last visit, we were given a 6 month reprieve. Yeah! Helps the pocketbook, the energy, and the time factors.
I am packing today to travel to Burley, Idaho, tomorrow to speak at a statewide ladies conference. If you are anywhere near, it is an open event and I would love to visit with you there.
I am teaching through the book of James on Sunday mornings and absolutely loving the learning. I highly recommend that journey!
I am speaking often these days out of the depths of my heart on "knowing God" - it is my obsession! Talk about gifts - knowing Him is the gift of a lifetime!
Thanks for visiting me here.
love, margaret

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